Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What's Jim Hughes have to offer?

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Show Notes:

Host: Jim Hughes, Christian Life Coach

"What's Jim Hughes have to offer?"

I think that's a good question, so I'll try to give a brief answer: Experience in recruiting, hiring, and resource development from several perspectives.
  • I worked for Texaco for 32 years before my early retirement in 2002. While most of my career was in research management, it seems like I was never far from also being involved in recruting, managing the hiring process, or helping others with career development. So I have a lot of insight about the hiring process from inside a large corporation.
  • After leaving Texaco, I started my life coaching business, and have often worked with clients whose goal is a career change.
  • I've also led a ministry for people who are between jobs for the last several years, helping people make the transition from being laid off to finding new employment. So I've also developed a lot of perspective from the other side of the table.
So what I have to offer is my experience and my insight developed over the past 35 years.

Another good question is "Why am I doing this blog and podcast?" Here's the short answer:
  • It's a way to help people looking for help in making a career change.
  • It helps me process and preserve some of the things I've learned.
  • It's a viral marketing strategy for my coaching business. Some who read the blog and listen to the podcast just need some information and guidance. Others need help developing and executing their career change strategy -- coaching.
To learn more about me and my coaching business, just follow this link to Mapmaker Coaching. If you'd like to have a conversation with me to determine if coaching might be right for you, you'll find an email link on the Mapmaker site.


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